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Has Your Rental Property Become A Nightmare?

If you’re a landlord and you’ve rented your property out to good tenants, you may have been lucky enough to be unaffected by the economy. However, rising unemployment, job losses and income cuts are now so wide spread that even good tenants are forced to fall behind on their rent.  Tenants start to view their home as just another place to live.  They stop taking care of it and notifying you if there are repairs needed.   They  may even stop paying their utility bills that now become your tax burden.

Maybe you have been nice enough to try and work it out with your tenants and just given them extra time to come up with missed payments, or asking for a new payment arrangement,  instead of just filing for an eviction.  They might avoid you all together, causing frustration and anger in a landlord/tenant relationship that was working.   Let’s face it – some tenants just take advantage of your good nature.  Once you give in, those tenants might continue to push just because you let them.

Or you may be victim of “professional squatters” who tricked you into letting them into the property and just aren’t paying. – We’ve heard that can even happen with “family members” who abuse your goodwill and go for a free ride.  These bad tenants make being a landlord even more difficult.  You are still the nice person who keeps your property in good condition and yet taking hit after hit to your repair fund or just your good nature can make owning a rental property a Nightmare!

Can I Sell My House With Tenants In It -

Watch the video “Can You Sell If You Have Tenants Living at the Property”

We are the solution to your tenant problems. If you’ve decided that enough is enough and now you are looking to sell the property, don’t worry about the tenants.  In most cases, we can buy your property with the tenants still in the house, and deal with any problems after the closing. Save your money and save your health!  Contact us today to see how we can turn those nightmares into pleasant dreams.