is the only company in the state of Wisconsin that requires all of it’s team members to abide by the Code of Ethics for Wisconsin Real Estate Investment Agencies.

This comprehensive guide lists 12 requirements that protect homeowners from unpleasant experiences that are typical in this industry.

You can download the entire guide by clicking on the download link to the bottom, or you can read the content below: Every team member of will meet the following set of requirements to protect our customers and ensure their satisfaction:

Code of Ethics for
Wisconsin Real Estate Investment Agencies


  • Expect TransparencyWe’re always going to be open and transparent with the transaction process
  • Expect an Explanation–We’ll show you how we come up with your Sell Your House Now offer.
  • Expect Understanding–We’ll describe all key terms in an easy-to-understand manner, including the closing documents, key agreements, and contracts.


  • Expect Integrity–Every team member shall act honestly and work with integrity while serving on our team.
  • Expect Privacy–Privacy of the seller is the utmost importance to us. We will not disclose your details to any other source outside of our team.
  • Expect Respect–We are always going to put you in a better situation than you are currently in-if that means we should not buy your property we will be upfront with you and recommend another situation.
  • Expect a Pressure Free Offer–We allow sellers a reasonable time to consider their situation and offer free from pressure and artificial timelines.
  • Expect No Obligation–There is never a fee or obligation for the potential property seller- EVER.
  • Expect Education–Team members are up to date on real estate requirements, trends, laws, and transaction requirements.


  • Expect CommunicationWe keep sellers up to date on any changes due to title schedule changes.
  • Expect FlexibilityEvery closing date is selected with the seller’s situation in mind- completely flexible whether that date is 10 or 100 days.
  • Expect ConvenienceWe’re completely upfront with the schedule and timeline.

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Download the Code of Ethics For Wisconsin Real Estate Investment Agencies Here.