14-Day Guarantee Disclaimer

DoYouNeedToSellFast.com guarantees it will do everything it can to facilitate the closing of the transaction within 14 days of the date the Offer to Purchase is signed.  If the transaction does not close within 14 days solely because of something we do or fail to do, we will pay the seller $100 for every day beyond day 14 until the transaction closes.

The 14 Day Guarantee is subject to any and all contingencies in the Offer as well as certain conditions beyond the control of DoYouNeedToSellFast.com, including but not limited to title issues that cannot be corrected or resolved within the 14-day period, or actions or failures to act on the part of the seller or the seller’s lender/mortgage holder.  In such instances, the guaranty will not apply.

If for any reason the deal does not close within 14 days,  through no fault of DoYouNeedToSellFast.com but instead due to issues with the title or the Title Company, Seller’s Bank or any other issues on the Seller’s side of the contract, the 14-Day Guarantee is null and void and the deal will close according to the industry standard 30 days or longer with the appropriate contract extensions.

Furthermore, the guaranty only applies if the parties agree to it and it is written into the purchase contract.  If the seller does not require the 14-day guarantee, the industry standard 30 day period to close, or such other period as the parties may agree upon, will be written into the contract.

DoYouNeedToSellFast.com specifically reserves all of its rights and remedies under the Offer, as well as any and all contingencies in the Offer, which shall not be affected by this guaranty.