What Makes Us Different From Other Home Buyers?


One of the most important questions that I love to answer is what separates DoYouNeedToSellFast.com from the rest of the competition that I have out there?

Honestly, it’s a very simple question and everybody says they go the extra mile, but we really do and what I mean by that is we are laser focused on the best solution for you. If it’s not the best solution for you I won’t do the deal.

Most home buyers will say they can close quickly…guess what everybody says that.  We actually back it up by having title companies, attorneys and our funding ready to go.

Make sure other home buyers have a closing agency they work with regularly. You should be able to call to confirm that they have all of the paperwork, their funding and a closing date set so you can receive your money on time.

We’ve worked with unique situations where we’ve helped people find apartments or a home to rent after we close.  We’ve also paid sellers closing costs so there was nothing out of pocket for them. Our motto is to always to put someone in a better situation than they are currently in.


Videos are a great way to spend a few quick minutes to learn about what’s important to you.

Selling your house can be a stressful process.  Utilize the explanations in the Video FAQ list to ease your worries and concerns about selling your house.

The process from an initial meeting  and offer to closing and receiving your check is all right here for you to view at your convenience.

Along with other information on this website, the frequently asked questions and videos will help you answer any question you may have about selling your house.   Click on the watch more videos link above to learn more.