How Fast Can You Close?

Another question we get asked from time to time is how fast can we close.

It’s going to vary depending on the type of deal and sellers situation.

We can close houses in as little as 3 days, but that’s pretty rare and anyone that tells you that they are closing in 3 days on a regular basis, they are probably lying to you.

Simply, due to the fact, it usually takes at least 3 days to get the title search completed.

We typically can close in 10-14 days. We have had houses go as long as 60 days because some people need more time.

Again, we will come up with a process that works for you, even if you need a little extra time, we’re flexible, we’re here to help you.  We’re going to work with you and develop a win-win situation for everybody involved.


Videos are a great way to spend a few quick minutes to learn about what’s important to you.

Selling your house can be a stressful process.  Utilize the explanations in the Video FAQ list to ease your worries and concerns about selling your house in Appleton or the surrounding area.

The process from an initial meeting  and offer to closing and receiving your check is all right here for you to view at your convenience.

Along with other information on this website, the frequently asked questions and videos will help you answer any question you may have about selling your house.   Click on the watch more videos link above to learn more.