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Sell Your House After Moving

Stop making double payments today!

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Sell Your House After Moving and Stop Making DOUBLE PAYMENTS!

If you have already moved out of the house in Appleton, Green Bay or Oshkosh or now live outside the area, your life is probably too busy to manage a vacant property.   You have your future to be concerned with, not your past.  You are not alone. Handling a property like that can be extremely difficult, frustrating and risky.

In many areas, professional thieves target vacant properties regularly and make their livelihoods stealing valuable copper piping and wires or utility units from air condition and heating systems, and even vandalize the property when they’re done.

When that happens you’re not only losing money but additional time is being tied up in insurance claims and paperwork. There are tons of things on a property in Appleton, Green Bay or Oshkosh that commands your attention. When you can’t be there to keep a proper eye on it, your asset can quickly turn into a liability.

On top of it all, you risk liabilities that are not covered by your standard homeowner’s insurance policy because the property is no longer occupied. Your uncovered losses can be just a drop in the bucket compared to the lawsuits you can face if someone gets injured on the property.  That pesky water drip could now become a flooded bathroom, kitchen or basement.  Did you remember to weatherize and drain all the pipes and shut the gas off?  More worries, more headaches.

Even if your friendly neighbor has agreed to keep an eye on your property, you certainly wouldn’t want to risk her running into a group of unscrupulous thieves and get knocked down or worse. If your property sits vacant and you are looking to sell, time is of the essence.

If you own a home in two locations, you are often paying two mortgage payments and giving up money you could be using in your new community.

At DoYouNeedToSellFast, we come to agreements quickly and close even faster. We pay all cash for the properties in Appleton, Green Bay or Oshkosh, we contract on, and close without any restrictions or approval processes from lenders or banks, so you can go on with your life.

In a typical transaction, we pay all the closing costs, we don't have an inspection when we buy so there are no contingencies on our offers.  When you sign a contract with us for a quick all-cash offer, you can consider your house sold...Guaranteed. 

To ensure we are living up to our client's high standards, we have adopted a 12-point Code of Ethics which all our team members have strict adherence to.  Our 12-points are based on Transparency, Convenience, and Honesty.  To see our full Code of Ethics visit our ethics page here. 

Videos are a great way to spend a few quick minutes to learn about what’s important to you.

Selling your house can be a stressful process, but it doesn't have to be.   Utilize the explanations in the Video FAQ list to ease your worries and concerns about selling your house in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh or the Fox Cities Area.

The process from an initial meeting and our "How to sell your house in 5 easy steps" video to an offer and our "How we determine your homes value" video.  To closing and "What happens during the closing and title process" to receiving your check, it is all right here for you to view at your convenience.  You'll know what to expect every step of the way.

Along with other information on this website, the frequently asked questions and videos will help you answer any question you may have about a need to sell your house in Oshkosh.  Questions like "Are we listing the house",  "What kinds of properties we buy" in Appleton, Green Bay or Oshkosh, "Is there any obligation to work with us", "How fast can we close" and many more.  We have covered all of the questions  we get asked on a regular basis and answered them to the best of our ability.

To see what sets us apart from other home buyers or real estate agents in Appleton, look at our "What's the difference between us and other home buyers" video along with our "Listing vs. Selling to us" video.  The videos will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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